Akridge Opens 2015 Building Energy Summit

The 2015 Building Energy Summit attracted 450+ of the world's leading building owners, facility managers, engineers, consultants, energy experts, and technology providers – all driven by the common goal of advancing energy efficiency in buildings. The event kicked off with a keynote by Chip Akridge, Founder and Chairman of Akridge, who testified to the value of energy efficiency and operational excellence from both an owner and manager perspective. "I am passionate about our sustainability initiatives. We strive for the greatest amount of efficiency in our office buildings, and have been successful at slashing 40% -- yes 40%! -- of the energy costs across our portfolio," reported Akridge. "It was not easy, and it didn't happen overnight, but with the right people and the right commitment, we did it."

Akridge accomplished their energy management goals while at the same time increasing tenant satisfaction, tenant retention, and occupancy rates. "We believe our clients deserve the best in building services, amenities, technology, and operational excellence, and are always thinking of new ways to exceed client expectations," stated Akridge. Akridge has always been committed to developing first-in-class properties that define the optimal client experience, and have established themselves as a market leader and prime example of both environmental stewardship and financial success.

Akridge outlined many of the "firsts" the company has achieved over the last few decades. Akridge was the first to offer commercial concierge services, the first to provide after-hours HVAC services, one of the first to offer high-speed internet to clients, the first to install a multi-carrier wireless system for cell phone coverage and WiFi, and the first fully leased LEED Platinum building in DC. Akridge was also the first to have a Chief Technology Officer (Tommy Russo) focused not only on enterprise I.T., but also on building operations and energy management and efficiency. Integrating I.T. into engineering and client services was a huge paradigm shift in the industry -- and Akridge did it 16 years ago.

Akridge believes that setting their standards high and constantly raising the bar for client service and satisfaction is what makes the Akridge difference. Clearly their commitment to energy efficiency, customer service, and operational excellence has proven to be a highly successful equation. Thank you to Chip Akridge for sharing his vision and the company's accomplishments, and for inspiring others to do the same.

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Kok, Russo, Stewart, Baekelmans Debate Hottest Energy Trends

The closing Town Hall Meeting of the 2015 Building Energy Summit featured some of the most passionate and outspoken proponents of energy conservation and sustainability for buildings and for businesses in general. Featuring Niks Kok of GRESB, Tommy Russo of Akridge, Emma Stewart of Autodesk, and John Baekelmans of Cisco, the "energy" generated during this discussion was contagious. Panelists tackled and debated such topics as the value of real time data, smart cities, the internet of everything, net zero energy buildings, and the value of energy efficiency to owners and investors. The discussion was candid and unscripted – and the results were thought-provoking and inspiring.

If you missed the session, we are pleased to be able to share it with you today… If you saw it live at the Summit – it's worth watching again!

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About Our Sponsor: The 2015 Building Energy Summit was held on March 25, 2015 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. This annual event is produced by CoR Advisors and hosted by the DowntownDC BID. Stay tuned for additional Summit highlights and videos being released in The CoR Advisor newsletter over the next few months! For more information on the 2015 Building Energy Summit speakers, advisors, sponsors, and program, visit www.buildingenergysummit.com.

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