Why Are Adoption Rates for Technology Solutions So Low?
Author: Darlene Pope

Did you know that there are still tens of thousands of buildings that are wasting 30% or more of their energy consumption? Is your building one of them? What if you could save 30-50% of your energy costs with relatively simple and affordable technology solutions?

Okay… sounds like a cheesy sales pitch, but it's true. But why are so many building owners still not doing anything? Why are adoption rates still so low? Lack of education? Lack of money? Lack of interest?

We're trying to figure that out. CoR Advisors and Daintree Networks have teamed up to conduct a brief market survey on the adoption of technology solutions for building operations and energy efficiency. We want to hear directly from building owners and managers what your drivers and obstacles are for adoption of energy conservation measures.

Please take a minute to give us your input by filling out the survey today – and we'll report the results on our August webcast:

If you consider the number of devices in a building that consume energy, the task of managing all that may seem overwhelming. However, we now have the ability to monitor and capture valuable data from each of those devices so that we can run them in a much more efficient manner. With the growth of the internet of things (IoT), it's now possible to connect and control all the devices in a building and capture massive amounts of valuable (and actionable) data.

When you look at the operations of a building, it's a complex network of thousands of things (lights, switches, motors, fans, sensors, VAVs, controls, doors, computers, equipment, cameras, security systems, elevators, etc.). To run those things in the most efficient manner, you need to have efficient equipment to begin with, and efficient means of controlling those things. By integrating control networks and sharing operational data among multiple building systems (i.e. access control, lighting, HVAC), the building can operate in the most efficient manner given real time conditions for occupancy, weather, and even cost of electricity.

By participating in our survey (it only takes 4-5 minutes, really), we're hoping gain a better gauge on the market's understanding of technology applications, the internet of things, and how they will directly affect building operations and efficiency both now and in the future. If you fill out the survey today, we'll send you a free copy of "Creating Climate Wealth" by Jigar Shah as a thank you gift.

It is still mind-boggling to think that so many buildings are being run so inefficiently -- given the availability, simplicity, and affordability of today's technology solutions. CoR Advisors is dedicated to continuing to provide education, consulting, and solutions for building owners to learn what's available, build a business case for adoption of intelligent building solutions, and ultimately maximize the asset value of their properties.

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