Roadmap to Energy Efficient Buildings®

CoR Advisors® has developed a detailed Roadmap to Energy Efficient Buildings®, providing a step-by-step plan for sustainable, energy efficient facilities. From initial energy assessments to advanced energy management technologies, this roadmap is a comprehensive action plan for energy savings. Plus, CoR Advisors® provides all the resources needed to get it done.

1. Conduct initial energy assessment; include Energy Star® benchmarking
2. Review utility rates/sourcing; conduct competitive bid for energy purchasing
3. Evaluate and implement demand response and strategic load management program
4. Implement a real-time energy monitoring and reporting solution
5. Survey and assess tenant energy usage pattern
  1. Develop and implement behavior modification program
  2. Develop energy conscious green leasing and tenant build out strategies
6. Perform detailed energy audit to identify specific energy conservation opportunities
7. Evaluate energy conservation measures (ECMs); prioritize based on owner’s overall business objectives:
  1. Lighting retrofits and advanced lighting controls
  2. Building envelope
  3. HVAC equipment upgrades
  4. Temperature set points and operational parameters
  5. Advanced controls and building automation solutions
  6. Plug load management strategies
  7. HVAC optimization
  8. Water conservation measures
  9. Electric vehicle locations
  10. Other advanced technologies
8. Develop short-term and long-term business plan for energy upgrades
9. Identify opportunities for renewable energy or on-site power generation and storage
10. Identify incentives and rebates; calculate life cycle costs and comprehensive ROI
11. Solicit proposals for implementation of ECMs
12. Identify, analyze, and securing financing
13. Manage integrated implementation of ECMs
14. Measure and report results
15. Implement continuous monitoring, commissioning, and maintenance program


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