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CoR Advisors® provides strategic and tactical advisory services to the commercial and corporate real estate community. In today's high-tech environment, you need a solid strategy that integrates building operating systems with advanced technology solutions in order to achieve maximum efficiency and ROI. We serve as trusted advisors to the real estate community, providing the confidence that decisions made today won't be obsolete tomorrow.

Thought Leadership
CoR Advisors® drives change. One of the problems with today's building systems is that they are designed to handle specific functions of building operations instead of being integrated with other systems. Lighting and HVAC systems don’t share information on occupancy or heat load. Buildings are unable to automatically shed energy load in non-critical areas to respond to peak energy demands on the electrical grid. Each system has proprietary language and protocols, and there is little gathering, sharing, and analysis of building operations data. CoR Advisors® provides the expertise and thought leadership required to develop comprehensive plans, integrate solutions, automate manual processes, and drive change on behalf of building owners.

Solution Design and Decision Support
Technology is increasingly complex, and decision support for integrating building systems and applications has never been more critical. Making the right technology upgrades for commercial properties requires independent market research, creative modeling, and experienced option analysis. CoR Advisors® ensures market leadership when it comes to assessing existing building systems and conditions, designing the right solution for each client’s needs, reviewing and vetting technology alternatives, and developing a comprehensive program roadmap.

Energy Management
Meeting the challenge of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions by 20% from commercial properties by 2020 requires a new way of thinking about operating buildings – and it requires immediate action. CoR Advisors® provides building owners and operators the resources needed to audit, measure, benchmark, optimize, and report energy demand and consumption. Using a combination of strategies including energy monitoring and management applications, recommissioning, procurement management, demand response strategies, as well as capital upgrades, CoR Advisors® can help you achieve exceptional savings year after year.

Information Technology Support
Traditional real estate IT departments were primarily responsible for internal network administration Now, however, because of the integration of technology with building operations, real estate IT departments are also tasked with such challenges as centralizing operations, providing remote access to building systems, helping reduce the energy consumption in buildings, supporting “green” sustainability efforts, integrating new lighting systems and controls, data reporting and analysis, and almost every aspect of preventive and predictive maintenance. CoR Advisors' team of real estate CIOs and technology experts can help you manage this paradigm shift from both the real estate owners perspective and the IT perspective.

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